A power grid worker was recently rushed to hospital with very serious injuries after being electrocuted whilst completing utility works.

When the incident happened, many residents and shops lost their power. Soon after though, they then began to hear the sirens of the emergency services. Police cars, ambulances and fire engines all raced to the scene.

One resident on the street described the incident: “I was opposite when the paramedics arrived.”

“A few minutes later fire engines turned up and then the police.”

“They shut the whole road. I know a lot of houses lost power and some of the shops as well.”

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After tending to the worker, Tom Owen, at the scene, the emergency services then rushed the electrician to the hospital. He was in a critical condition and was suffering from serious injuries. Unfortunately though, the twenty one year old electrician  did not survive his ordeal. He was later pronounced dead in hospital.

Mr Owen’s family have stated that they are “incredibly proud” of him though.

His parents continued describing: “we are absolutely devastated by the tragic death of our son.”

Investigations are now taking place though to find out why the worker was electrocuted. A company statement was delivered describing that: “an internal investigation is currently underway and we are working closely with the police.”

“The Health and Safety Executive have also been informed.”

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