Recently, heroic bricklayer Kris Bray from Surrey delivered his own baby, in the back of his car.

At five weeks, Kris and his partner Becky found out they were expecting. This was not a simple pregnancy for the pair though. Unfortunately, at 10 weeks, Becky began to bleed and after going to the hospital were told that a heartbeat couldn’t be found for the baby. In turn, the couple were given information about miscarriages and were booked in for a scan a week later.

When going for that scan though, Kris and Becky received the best news. There was actually a heartbeat! Initially, Becky had been carrying twins, one of which unfortunately was miscarried. Therefore, Becky continued to bleed for a further fourteen weeks. The other baby was healthy and well though and Kris and Becky were looking forward to introducing their new child into the work.

Being a bricklayer though, Kris was regularly working away from home and there was the worry that he would not be at home when Becky went into labour. On the 18th July 2016 though, Kris was there for Becky when her waters broke at 5:30am. At 7am, they rang the hospital and were told to call back at 9am instead. But this baby was coming a lot sooner!

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At 7:20am they pulled into the hospital car park. However, at this point, it was too late. In the back of the car, Kris had to deliver the baby himself. Snapping into action, Kris was able to deliver baby Hugo safely, despite the umbilical cord being wrapped around his neck.

Help soon arrived for the couple too as passersby’s rushed to get help. At 7:48, Kris delivered baby Hugo happily and healthy and mother and son were discharged by 3pm.

Becky describes: “the hero of this story is my wonderful partner Kris.”

“Without him jumping into Mr Midwife/Doctor mode god knows what would have happened.”

“I am so proud of him. My partner, the bricklayer, is my hero and not just a bricklayer but everything to me and our children. ”

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