“There is a huge hole in my life now, and an uncertain future. Please, everyone, be careful.”

Tradesman Bradley Green, who recently lost his father after a terrible accident, is campaigning for workers to stay safe on site. Working as a joiner since the age of fifteen, his father, Philip McDonald died at the young age of just forty-eight. Working all over the world to help others, this tradesman selflessly lent a helping hand wherever he could. Volunteering to help rebuild villages in Nigeria, Philip also worked across the globe in Europe and Australia.

However, unfortunately, this September, Philip was tragically killed in an accident that could have been prevented. Whilst working on site in Derbyshire, Bradley’s dad was killed by a digger. One, that should not have been on the footpath his father was working on.

True to Philip’s selfless nature, his last act was one of pure and utmost selflessness. Pushing his employer to safety, the carpenter thought of everyone else first, instead of jumping out of the way and saving himself.

This tragic incident has, understandably, shook the entire family and all of Philip McDonald’s loved ones. His son Bradley describes: “Because of the accident, I have lost my teacher before I finished learning the joinery trade.”

“There is a huge hole in my life now, and an uncertain future.”

But, Bradley, despite grieving the loss of his father, wants to use this tragic accident to help others. With the aim of raising awareness of the risks associated with working in the winter months, Bradley hopes to help others in the trade stay safe.

He describes: “I am hoping to raise awareness that during the winter months, it is dangerous, wet, slippy you name it.”

“Sites are dangerous places during the winter period.”

“I hope nobody is hurt due to not following regulations or site rules.”

“What others do can certainly cause harm to yourself and others so please be careful of your environment.”

“I feel the accident involving my dad could have been prevented…”

“Please, everyone, be careful.”

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