The chairman of Bovis has recently apologised to homebuyers stating that they needed to apologise for “letting them down.”

In the annual meeting, Ian Tyler also admitted that in order to meet their ambitious targets, they had been cutting corners. Not only that, but he also described that some of the subcontractors the company used “may not have been of the highest quality.”

Tyler claimed: “we absolutely got it wrong.”

“We have compromised along the way… We built too quickly.”

“We started sites too early and handed over too early.”

After being hammered with complaints, Bovis has introduced a new customer experience director and retrained ninety percent of their staff. Alongside this, they also set aside £7 million to rectify the homes and offer compensation. Shockingly, it was found that some homebuyers were pressured to move into their unfinished homes just before Christmas after a profit warning was issued in late December.

Chairman Ian Tyler stated that they have now added a “noncompressible” period to slow down production. This is in order to ensure that between final inspections and customer handover, any issues can be fixed.

However, members of the Bovis Homes Victims Group on Facebook are alleging that they are still being pressured to move into incomplete homes. And are also being denied “snagging” surveys prior to moving in. Bovis denies this though stating it will: “accommodate inspection requests where it is practicable to do so.”

Other allegations have included that there is poor plastering and painting in their home, creaking/moving floors, cracks in tiles and/or brickwork and some other serious structural issues.

The founder of the Bovis Homes Victims Group stated that after battling to get things in their home fixed for two and a half years, they are now, “working constructively with Bovis.” Alongside this, he is just one of five members of the group who are joining a homebuyers panel of twelve whose roles are to advise.

Founder Dave Howard added: “existing owners with problems are still being given the runaround and are not being treated with the respect they should be as customers.”

A customer satisfaction survey that was conducted recently also saw Bovis drop to a two-star rating. This has placed it at the bottom of the table of the 34 big house builders.

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