This is an estimated thirteen million homeowners!

According to research, nine out of ten homeowners fear hiring a tradesperson. This is according to a survey conducted by According to the results, there was one main concern for 59% of homeowners. This was the fear that they would be unable to find a tradesperson that could do the job properly. 51% also feared that the project would not be completed to their standards and expectations.

However, the survey also suggests that most homeowners are relatively relaxed about the timescale of a project. According to the results, only 19% are concerned about projects being finished on time. This therefore indicates that the fear of hiring tradespeople is regarding quality rather than quantity.

The area least cautious about hiring a tradesperson though is the South West. 19% of local homeowners responded that they had no concerns about hiring a tradesman. This doesn’t sound like a lot but compared to London it is a big contrast. Only 5% of homeowners responded that they had no concerns!

The biggest worry across Brighton though was the fear of getting ripped off. 74% of locals feared that they would get ripped off by a tradesperson. One factor that appeared to influence confidence levels though was age. 68% of homeowners aged 55 and over expressed concerns about the reliability of a tradesperson. This is compared to those aged 35 and under in which only 45% expressed concern.

The co founder of stated: “our survey shows why homeowners may hold back when hiring a pro without seeing proper verification.”

“These days people need more than just word of mouth recommendation.”

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