A third of homeowners wished they’d hired a tradesman after their own attempts at DIY haven’t turned out too well.

35% of UK homeowners have revealed that they regretted completing their own DIY jobs. This is according to a survey which sought to examine how different age groups cope with home improvements. The results showed that over half of individuals aged 34 and under wished they’d left it to experts.

However, those born in a baby boom were found to be more confident with their DIY capabilities. Only 3% of respondents in this category felt they had any regrets regarding their DIY choices.

Apparently though, tradespeople feel that the worst part of their job is fixing other peoples mistakes. Some people though see these mistakes as creating further opportunities and jobs for tradespeople.

However, further studies have concluded that nine out of ten homeowners fear hiring a tradesman. Therefore, it still could be a bit difficult for tradespeople to secure these jobs. The results showed that this was due to homeowners having trust issues in a tradesperson’s capabilities.

So what do you think? Do you find customer bodge jobs a nuisance? Are they the worse part of a job? Or do you see them as a blessing in disguise that provides you with further work? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: plentific.com