Tradesmen often come into contact with customers daily. And when spending a lot of time with each other, both customers and tradesmen will get annoyed by something. Of course, tradesmen have to deal with a lot of sh*t when it comes to customers. However, customers can often say the same when it comes to tradesmen.

In a recent survey, it was found that overcharging is the main thing that homeowners become annoyed by. Specifically, it is an issue for 37.8% of homeowners. Of course, this can, in turn, be irritating for a tradesperson too. Having your quote scrutinised by a homeowner, it’s understandable tradespeople would get annoyed.

Plus, the likelihood is that they don’t fully understand the work that goes into delivering a project. Especially if they’ve added extras that ramp up the costs even further.

But when they start to moan, which they probably will, it’s important to stay calm and explain your pricings as much as possible. This may take a bit of time away from the job but will be important when it comes to actually being paid. Apparently, if you’re clear about why things have cost a certain amount, then customers will be less likely to kick up a fuss when it comes to actually paying. And, in turn, they’ll be less likely to pay late or less than the specified amount.

Another thing homeowners were found to find annoying about tradesmen was them being late. Of course, sometimes being late is completely unavoidable. However, according to respondents, 53.7% of homeowners find it annoying when a tradesman doesn’t turn up at the agreed time. 34.1% even stated that this is the thing they found most annoying! According to research, punctuality is the most important factor to homeowners when hiring a tradesman. Take a look at the full report here.

Work not being completed up to scratch was another thing that many homeowners became irritated by as well. Nearly a third of respondents found this the most annoying trait of a tradesman.

This type of thing could be a fault from both sides though. Of course, if a tradesman has rushed the work, then the homeowner is understandably not going to be happy with the quality of the finish. However, it could end up being the homeowner’s fault too. If they decided to go against your advice and chose materials based on price rather than quality, then they aren’t going to get the finish they want. Apparently, this is the most annoying thing for tradespeople. Take a look at the other mistakes customers make here.

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