Apparently, housebuilders must ‘sell themselves’ to young, potential workers if they are to help solve the industry skills shortage.

Overall, the housebuilding sector has been branded a “potential time bomb” in terms of its workforce. To tackle this, it has been suggested that there needs to be a stronger relationship between industry businesses and primary schools. This is to ensure that young people are aware of the opportunities on offer to them. It will also help raise awareness of the needs of the industry. This could apparently be done via the integration of construction businesses within school governing bodies.

David Williams, the managing director of Bellway Homes, stated: “all construction companies have a mission to recruit apprentices.”

“We have not sold ourselves to schools very well, we’re not seen as glamorous but [the industry] is actually very well paid and it isn’t just site based.”

“There are lots of jobs in the office too – not just bricklayers and joiners.”

“We’ve also been very poor at taking girls on but we’re trying to be better at doing that.”

“We’ve got to sell ourselves to everybody – teachers as well.”

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However, others argue that technology is the way to encourage young potential workers to consider a career in the construction industry.

Christian Burger, the owner of an IT construction industry consulting firm described: “as more young people enter the construction industry, they expect technology.”

“Estimating, project managing, (and) scheduling using state of the art tools (are) all they’ve ever known.”

“There’s pressure from within the company to automate and adopt new technologies.”

“You can’t compete otherwise.”

So what do you think of this? What will encourage young people to join the industry? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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