This human sleeping bag means you can sleep anytime, anywhere on site! And, of course, stay warm on the job whilst getting lots of work done too…

In a onesie style design, this human sleeping bag is perfect for all those who get cold on site. Introducing the Summit Motion Sac, an insulated snooze cacoon for adults.

It keeps you warm and is perfect for replacing the thermals whilst working on site this winter. Simply slip it on like a onesie, and use the zippers to shut the world out. You can even remove the feet, allowing you to still wear your safety boots without a worry. So, you can wear it all day on site with ease, and maybe get a cheeky nap in there too.

It even has zippers on the hands as well, freeing you up to continue working. It moves with you as well, causing no restrictions and is perfect for those who are always cold on site.

Forget those ugly thermals, it’s all about the human sleeping bag!

Check it out for yourself here:

Created as an On The Tools original piece, people were loving the Summit Motion Sac. I want one for myself!

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