Superhero strength could be a new feature for construction workers due to a new robotic vest. Developed to prevent injuries on site, the Ekso Vest is ultimately a small version of an exoskeleton.

Apparently, the suit will allow for workers to work long hard days holding tools at awkward angles and lifting heavy materials without the physical toll this would have on the body. According to the creators of the power suit, it could also “revolutionise the trade” and “prevent ageing bricklayers and others from keeling over on the job.”

Specifically, the arm weighs 9.5lbs and can support, per arm, loads of 5 to 15lbs.

The California based company, Ekso Bionics, is bringing over multiple products to the UK to “help to tackle some of the challenges faced by the country’s construction industry.”

The Daily Mail reported: “from March 2018, the Zero G will help builders using heavy power tools, weighing up to 35lbs (16kg), making them weightless through a gravity balancing arm.”

“The Ekso Vest is a smaller, personal, version of this technology, which will take the strain of holding heavy items and working for prolonged periods with hand held tools.”

“And by the end of 2019 a full body version, similar to the Iron Man suit, could be available to allow builders to carry heavy loads around a site without the need for specialist vehicles.”

Expected to cost around £3,800, and the full suit around £7,700, the vest is currently being tested across multiple sites in the US and has brought in positive results. The company described: “workplaces experience fewer on-site injuries while tasks are completed faster and with higher quality results.”

Take a look at how Ekso Bionics can help construction workers:

However, apparently, by 2050, construction sites are set to be human free zones anyway. Take a look a look at the full report here and some of the robots that could be taking the place of humans on site here.

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Video/Feature Image Credit: Youtube/Ekso Bionics

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