Apparently, the introduction of robots in America has already taken the place of human workers on some construction sites. And now, hundreds of UK construction sites could soon face the same fate within the next two years!

These robots in question, can apparently lay bricks six times faster than that of the average construction worker. SAM (Semi Automated Mason), was developed by Construction Robotics in New York and can lay 3,000 bricks a day! That’s significantly higher than the typical human bricklayer who, on average, lays 500 bricks a day.

In response to this, construction firms have now warned that the introduction of these robots will result in “mass layoffs” for human workers.

Despite this robot’s bricklaying capabilities though, it’s not all perfect. It would still have to be heavily supervised and set up by human workers. Not only that, but it would also need help in laying bricks at awkward angles as well and to be assessed in terms of health and safety.

The president of Construction Robotics describes: “we are going to be going over to the UK in the coming months to meet with some companies and see if we can find a home for Sam there.”

Take a look at the robot in action here:

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