According to property tycoon Fergus Wilson, plumbers are not allowed to rent his properties because they always rip him off. Not only that, but those in abusive relationships are also not allowed to rent his accommodation either. According to Wilson, this is because the angry partners “kick down doors and damage interiors.”

These are only two of his long list of ‘letting criteria’ though. Single mothers, families with children, low income earners, single adults, pet owners, smokers and those on zero hour contracts are also not allowed to rent his properties.

Plumbers though he refuses to rent to. This is because in the past, contractors have offered to carry out routine repairs for him. But according to Wilson, this offers were made before he was told that more work was needed.

The property tycoon though argues that he isn’t discriminating against minorities. Well, that’s as long as they pay the rent anyway. He states: “we do a letting criteria every year, and like four out of five landlords we don’t accept those on low incomes and housing benefit.”

“We have said nothing against lesbians and homosexuals or coloureds. As long as they can pay the rent.”

“We are in business to make money so we make a selection based on a sensible business plan.”

Wilson also admits that he takes notes of prospective tenants employment and national insurance to prove that his tenants can afford to live there.

So what do you think? Wold you let a plumber rent from you? Let us know in the comments below.


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