For a tradesman, their tools are everything. Without them, they can’t get the job done. And, without that, how are they supposed to earn their living?

So, losing a tool they rely on can be hard for a tradesman. Whether this is through the devastation of tool theft or simply the old girl giving out, it can be a struggle to come to terms with having to replace them. And, for this tradesman, he certainly took the loss of his tool a lot harder than most of the guys on site were expecting.

The initial shot of the video shows the devastation straight away with the tradesman looking on in horror as a machine backs up on to his prized tool. Rushing over, there is nothing that can be done to save him as the piece lies in ruin.

Picking the pieces up, one of his workmates asked: “You gonna bury her at sea?”

To this, the tradesman replied, “She is a he and his name’s Larry!”

Being in the Midlands though, it would probably be hard to bury good old Larry at sea. So, the workers decided on a bit more of a traditional send-off instead. Carrying the tool to its burial site on a plank of wood, Larry’s owner walked behind with his head bowed. Although, some of the workers couldn’t keep the smirks off their faces with how serious the guy was taking things!

Burying Larry in the ground, his owner bid a final farewell to his beloved tool. To this, his fellow workmates couldn’t hold their laughter back any more. And, to make matters worse, the hole wasn’t even big enough. With the final cherry on top, the worker behind the camera also then added an extra rendition of ‘goodbye my lover’.

Brilliant! Take a look at the video for yourself here:

Don’t worry though, no tools were harmed in the making of this video. Well, none that were working anyway! This video was filmed in conjunction with insurance company Simply Business as part of a campaign for their insurance. Gaining just shy of 1.5 million views, this was a great brand awareness piece!

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