Another tradesman has unfortunately become a victim of tool theft. Carpenter John Szpucko has recently had his livelihood stolen from his very own drive. The thieves targeted the carpenter’s £7,000 van. Within this, contained £6,000 worth of tools.

This theft has consequently had a massive impact upon the family. John provides the main income for the household and pays the mortgage and the bills. Therefore, the loss of his tools impacted his ability to work and provide this income for his family.

Luckily though, John was lent some tools by supportive friends so he could continue to work. These, alongside using the family car as a replacement for his van, means that he is still able to earn some money.

His wife describes though: “I am gutted for my husband. He works six days a week to provide for the family.”

This isn’t the only tool theft that has left a family in despair though. Landscaper Jay Elliott also had his van and all of his tools stolen from his home. The thieves simply broke into the van and drove it away from the property.

The landscaper was shocked at this sight and rushed to call 999. However, police claimed that they could not chase down the van. Even though it was caught on CCTV footage driving through the town centre!

This allowed the thieves to escape with this tradesman’s van and it’s contents. All together, this was worth £10,000! Mr Elliott describes his interaction with the police. He described that they “wouldn’t be able to send an officer out as it was not important enough.”

Instead, he was simply emailed a crime reference number.

However, the police also informed the victim that even if the van was found, he would have to pay £150 to get it out of the compound! Mr Elliott describes: “I feel frustrated that it has been dismissed as it is.”

“All my tools were packed up ready for an early start, I heard the van rev up and looked out my window and saw it being driven down De Vere Road.”

Mr Elliott’s business has been established for three years now. Building it up from nothing, he was proud of his success. Until his van was stolen, he had good work prospects lines up as he was fully booked up until the end of April. However, due to his new lack of equipment, he now cannot complete these jobs.

He describes: “I am absolutely gutted.”

“This is three years plus of serious hard graft and financial investment and it has gone away in no time at all.”

“Devastated is not a strong enough word.”

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