CCTV footage has recently captured a catastrophic moment where an out of control lorry hurtled towards a toll booth, crashing into a group of construction workers. The huge lorry was carrying heavy loads when it crashed into a construction wall before overturning and then sliding along the road.

The incident took place along a Mexican motorway at a section of toll booths. Another accident involving a truck had happened along the road in previous days. Therefore, construction workers were on the road fixing the damage.

A police spokesperson in relation to the accident revealed that the incident was caused by a failing of the lorry’s brakes. This led to the driver losing control and crashing the vehicle. The initial impact went into the wall that was lining the construction area where workers were completing repairs. However, this then sent cargo flying off the lorry, into the nearby toll booths.

Emergency services consequently rushed to the scene, taking the seven injured construction workers to the hospital. Two of the which has to be airlifted there due to the severity of their injuries. Luckily though, no deaths have been reported so far.

Take a look at the shocking footage here:

Things weren’t as lucky for one roofer though who was involved in a car crash whilst working in Australia. He, unfortunately, died at the scene and now, his family are struggling to bring his body home. Take a look at their story here.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk
Feature Image/Video Credit: Youtube/Dark Horse News

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