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In our ‘how it’s made’ series, we’ve shown you how to make a variety of things. From petrol can mini bars to bottle top tables. But, for this episode, we decided to do something a bit different. Instead, we decided to take the classic board game Monopoly to a whole new level.

Introducing: The Monopoly top table!

Now, this little beauty will make sure all of those joke players know how seriously Monopoly should be taken.

First up, you need to get your hands on an old table. What a way to jazz it up eh? Then, you’ll need to measure up the board and the money. We need to make sure everything fits!

After you’ve measured things up against your table though, and marked it out, you’ll need to get the power tools ready. Routing out the centre of the table, you need to make sure your board fits snugly in the space.

Next up, you’ll need to measure out where the money slots are going to go. Following that, cut grooves and rout the table down to the desired depth. Gotta keep that money safe!

Next is to stick down the board. Using wood glue, stick down the board and add trim to finish those edges off nicely. Make sure you weigh down the board though and leave the glue to secure properly to the table. Glueing one of the notes down to the table will also look great and make sure your players know which tray to place their money in.

You’ll need to make the draws next to keep the Monopoly stash safe. Measure your wood out once again, cutting a mitre into the wood.  Then, you’ll need to glue these together, attaching the draw slides to the table and securing the drawer nobs.

And then finally, the finishing touches, add a spray lacquer to finish off the table nicely!

Anyone for Monopoly?

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