“Are you still alive?”

This was the haunting message sent to electrician Anthony Thomas after he was electrocuted by a live wire.

Both Anthony, and his workmate Greg were working on a roadside lamp post when the incident occurred. But, to save the electrician from having to walk back and forth to the feeder pillar and the post, Greg volunteered to stay there. They were then communicating via text messages whilst Greg was turning the current on and off.

Away from his friend though, Greg had no idea that in fact, Anthony had died.

Greg described to The Mirror: “I said I would telephone him when it was safe to turn it on and off.”

“He later drove back up and we discussed something as there was some kind of issue.”

“There was a funny reading on his metre.”

“He then left to go back down and as he was leaving I text him to remind him the current was still on.”

After Anthony failed to respond though, Greg went to check on him. Unfortunately, he found him motionless on the ground.

An inquest into his death revealed that the post the electrician’s were working on was faulty and had been wrongly rewired. Consequently, this resulted in the pole being live.

Forensic scientists described that the neutral wire had been bridged with the earth wire in the pole.

An inquest into the accident was held and the jury ruled the electrician’s death accidental. Further submissions that the killing was unlawful were turned down due to a lack of evidence.

The Mirror described: “Speaking on behalf of Mr Thomas’ parents Tom and Pat, William Powell said the family were “disappointed” with the conclusion, which they disputed, and would continue to raise the issue with South Wales Police and the Crown Prosecution Service.”

This isn’t the first report of the deadly risks that come associated with working in construction though. One scaffolder was reported to have lost both of his arms and legs after he was electrocuted on site. Luckily, the tradesman survived but now lives his life forever changed by the horrific incident. Take a look at the full report on this here.

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Source: www.mirror.co.uk

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