Working on a weekend, is, unfortunately, part of being in the trade. It’s not like your average nine to five office jobs. Sometimes, work needs to be completed on a Sunday. But, this neighbour certainly didn’t understand this. In fact, her reaction was the complete opposite!

The footage captured an elderly woman approach two roofers, furious with the fact that they were working. Yelling at them, she claimed it was “too early” for them to be working on a Sunday. She shouted, “I think it’s disgusting that you’re working at this time, on a Sunday.”

To this, one of the tradesmen calmly responded that legally, they were well within their rights to begin work from 8 am on a weekend and that they needed to crack on with the job.

The angry neighbour was having none of this though claiming that her son was a lawyer and that the tradespeople were breaking noise pollution laws and disturbing everyone on the street. Not happy with the tradesman’s response though, the neighbour stormed to the front door to talk to the homeowner.

The woman also continued to shout at the homeowner as well exclaiming that she was “absolutely disgusting” and should be “ashamed of herself” for allowing the tradesmen to start work so early.

Shouting at both the tradesmen and the homeowner wasn’t enough for this angry neighbour though. Oh no. She then decided to take matters into her own hands and steal their ladders! Stranded on the roof, the tradesmen threatened to phone the police but this didn’t phase the elderly woman. She was on a mission!

Luckily though, one of the tradesmen were able to get down from the roof and retrieve the ladders. All he had to do was promise to paint her ceiling next weekend and she was more than willing to give them back!

Check out the footage for yourself here:

Created as an On The Tools original piece, this video went well and truly viral. Filmed in a user-generated style, people did cotton on to the fact that the footage was staged, however, this didn’t take anything away from the video’s success. Viewed over 8.8 million times, it was highly relatable and the comments were full of people talking about how they’d had similar experiences. Hopefully, they weren’t as extreme as this one though!

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