New laws have recently been put in place to clamp down on drivers using their mobile phones whilst driving. These new laws, if broken, could result in drivers being charged £200, alongside gaining six point on their license.

This is a hefty price to pay for a cheeky glance at your phone but nonetheless people are still taking the risk. The mirror describes that on a morning out with police, a tradesman was caught using his phone whilst driving. They described that he pulled out of the builder’s yard “chatting away on his mobile phone.”

When he was pulled over by police though, he wasn’t happy. He argued, stating that he wanted to take this to court as “it was on loud speaker.”

According to the Mirror though, the police have no worries about this and know the fine will stand.

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Apparently, in 2015 alone, accidents involving drivers using their mobile phones killed twenty two people. These types of accidents also injured a further ninety nine. One officer described: “I hear all sorts of excuses but using your phone in the wrong way while you are driving is illegal.”

“It needs to be as socially unacceptable as drink driving.”

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