Apparently, new offsite construction training courses will soon be sweeping across the industry. Within the next five years, it is predicted that 42% of construction companies, that have over 100 workers, will be training their staff with these offsite methods.

Of this 42%, a whopping one hundred percent of companies believed that there will soon also be an increased use of precast concrete panels. A further 91% also felt that the use of precast concrete frames would also soon be on the rise.

Alongside construction companies, 50% of construction clients also believe that offsite work will increase over the next five years.

Currently, only 10% of the industry’s output, is accounted for by offsite construction. The Director of Policy at the Construction Industry Training Board stated: “successful offsite management hinges on the effective integration of both onsite and offsite functions – and this requires a comprehensive understanding of both aspects.”

“Our next step will focus on the delivery of the required employer training, knowledge and soft skills.”

Mark Farmer, an offsite supporter, also stated that “any strategic shift towards pre-manufacturing and offsite construction creates an immediate requirement to define our future skills needs through collaboration between industry, educators, training providers and government.”

“This is crucial to ensuring we can transition to a higher productivity, digitally enabled industry which inherently attracts more of the young talent we so desperately need.”

“It should also set out clear opportunities for the existing construction workforce and indeed workers from other industries to reskill through a new family of career pathways.”

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