Reclaims cheque photo

Construction Reclaims have claimed back thousands for the hard working construction workers of the UK and now we want to help ‘chip in’ and make sure the On the Tools community gets every penny they deserve.

See pictured above Mr Nield, who had been using his own vehicle to get to work for the last 4 years, all at his own cost. We met him on site in Liverpool in February and he filled out our forms in the canteen at lunchtime. Within 4 weeks we had his claim calculated and well under way. After 8 weeks we presented him with his cheque for £2285.10, not bad for 5 minutes of his time at lunch!

Thousands of Construction Workers may be owed tax refunds that they are not aware of. HMRC legislation allows a travel expenses refund of 45p a mile for PAYE workers who travel in their own vehicle to various sites. We can claim for anyone who has been PAYE in the period from April 2011 to April 2015. Our average 4 year claim is £2500.

Construction Reclaims specialise in tax refunds within the Construction Industry and we do all the work on your behalf liaising with HMRC and processing your claim. To find out if you qualify for a Tax Refund on your Travel Expenses CALL 0151 259 8192 or TEXT PAYE to 07923377999 to start your claim today!