There is only sixteen days till christmas. Sixteen! That’s just over two weeks! It’s scarily close.

But the thing is, a lot of people still haven’t even begun their christmas shopping yet. Are you one of those people? The one that has to rush to the shops on christmas eve because they need to get the missus, the parents, the friends, pretty much everyone, their presents. Well, this year can be the year to change!

This year, you don’t even need to rush to the shops. Instead you can sit back on the sofa in your underpants and order everyone’s gifts without even leaving the house. At the On The Tools shop, we have a variety of potentially great christmas presents that could be given to pretty much everyone you know.

Have you got mates that work in a trade? Well they’re sorted as in our shop you can browse by trade. You can select a funny hoody, a banterous t shirt or a silly phone case. There’s a whopping twenty one trades to chose from!


The perfect hoody for your favourite (or maybe least favourite) scaffolding friend!

But that’s not all, have you got a kid who looks up to you? That aspires to be like you one day? Well, our kids range will put a smile on their face. They can be just like daddy and have their very own trainee tee!


The perfect gift for your little trainee carpenter!

You don’t need to wait till they’re older though. People love babies. Especially at christmas. They’re regularly passed between relative after relative as each one “just want’s a quick squeeze.” Well, you can add a bit of banter into the mix with some of our funny, trade related baby vests.



The perfect vest that will spike chuckle after chuckle.

That’s not all though. For your friends on site you’ve got loads of different present options. A banter full phone case, a funny travel mug or flask. Or, for the guy who’s always cold, something to wrap up warm in on site.


Our products are full of witty one liners like this!

But it’s not all banterous and funny products we have on offer. We can be serious too. We have stocked a variety of different workwear items that will sort you out all year round.


Need some new work boots?

There’s so many different things on offer on our site that you’re just going to have to take a look for yourself. Head over to the site now: and comment below which item’s your favourite!