For our next instalment of Builder’s Question Time, we decided to take to the streets of Liverpool with our host John Cleaver. With the success of Birmingham, the Liverpool builder’s had a lot to live up to. And they certainly didn’t disappoint.

The first question we asked was…

If you were driving your van at 60mph, how far would you travel in 2 hours?

Our first respondent got it back on, answering one hundred and twenty in a matter of two seconds.

However, some others struggled and we got answers such as sixty, two and one guy even ran off!

John’s not that scary surely? 😂

After that comedy gold though, we did finally get another correct answer allowing us to move onto our next question…

How much dirt is in a hole that measures 2 feet by 3 feet, by 4 feet?

The Liverpool builder’s definitely struggled with this one and we got a series of wrong answers. One tradesman asked John: “have you got a pen and paper so I can write this down?”

Alongside this, John also began to struggle with the accent a bit as well. This resulted in one Liverpool worker repeating the word ‘tonne’ three times before John finally understand what he was saying. Unfortunately though, despite all the effort, we still didn’t get the right answer.

This allowed John to reveal to the workers that there was, in fact, no dirt in a hole, leaving them laughing at the trick question.

Then, we moved on to the third question…

Larry’s son has five sons, twenty, thirty, forty and fifty, can you name the fifth son?

We had some good responses with this one. Including fifty again and one guy just stating “no”.

Any ideas on the answer? Well, this was another trick one, the answer was Larry!

Our next question was…

There’s a red bungalow, everything is red. The walls, the fireplace, the curtains, but what colour is the stairs?

The builders caught on to this one quick and soon cracked it. It was certainly the best questions in terms of correct answers. here aren’t any stairs in a bungalow! However, a couple didn’t quite catch on as quick and we had some responses such as “red” and “you wouldn’t usually paint the stairs”.

“There aren’t any stairs in a bungalow!”

However, at the same time of many correct answers, there was still a couple that didn’t quite catch on as quick. Instead, they gave responses such as “red” and “you wouldn’t usually paint the stairs”.

Finally, our last question was…

What gets wetter and wetter, the more it dries?

We had responses such as “the sea.”

“That’s a trick question.”


“I give up mate.”

And then, finally, we finally got the answer we were looking for: “a towel!”

With hilarious answers, this day out in Liverpool was definitely a success. We had so many funny responses, that we couldn’t even fit them all into one video! So, this is just a small section of the trick questions you’ll get to see from our outing in Liverpool.

Don’t worry, there’s a lot more to come. So get ready for more trick questions, funny answers and tradesman banter, they’re on the way!

Take a look at the full video here:

So what do you think of this? Have you got any other ideas for questions? Let us know in the comments below.

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