Simon’s Heroes was initially set up by tiler Mark Bennett and a group of his friends to honour the memory of their friend with a charity football match. However, after the event came and went, Mark and his friends decided that they didn’t want things to end. Instead, they wanted to help more and more people.

So, from there, the charity Simon’s Heroes was born. Supporting and raising money to help those in need, Simon’s Heroes have already done some amazing work and they show no sign of slowing down either. Their next piece of work will help a whopping one hundred and ten children who suffer from learning difficulties.

Simon’s Heroes completing work and fundraising for those in need!

Mark found out about this cause on Facebook when he saw a post regarding a woman who was captured on CCTV stealing a charity box. This box was earmarked for Rocklands School in Lichfield, a school for those who have moderate to severe learning difficulties and disabilities. It was specifically set up by Claire Jennings, one of the mums at the school who was selling duck food to try and raise money for a new sensory garden for the children.

After seeing this theft, Mark knew that Simon’s Heroes could lend a helping hand. Therefore, he dropped a card into the school expressing his desire to help. Of course, the school was overjoyed by this news. Despite having raised several thousand pounds already, they were far from the amount needed to provide the children with the sensory garden they needed.

So, in order to get this goal met, Mark got in touch with On The Tools to help push the project. Alongside this, he also contacted Addam Smith from the Band of Builders. Another community that On The Tools have supported in the past.

Addam receiving his special recognition award at the On The Tools 2016 awards!

The Band of Builders are a well-known community within the industry and were initially set up to help Addam’s friend and colleague Keith Ellick, who was suffering from terminal cancer. The group transformed his home and garden and have raised thousands of pounds to help buy Keith’s house. Since then, the Band of Builder’s has also been working on gaining charity status as well to help those in need.

In contacting Addam, Mark hoped that he may be able to spread the word and help recruit some labour. However, Addam took it one step further. Alongside the labour, he also offered to project manage the entire site himself. Travelling all the way from Lincoln to Lichfield, Addam plans to be in on the action, making sure everything runs smoothly.

However, despite the help from the Band of Builders, Simon’s Heroes still need some more help. Specifically, they need someone to design and price up the garden project. Without this, work cannot begin and the garden cannot be transformed into something educational and stimulating for the children.

Take a look at a message from Addam himself here:

So what do you think? Can you help? Or know anyone who can? Then please, contact us here at On The Tools or get a hold of Simon’s Heroes or Band of Builders directly now.

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