A brick shortage has left bricklayers in a panic with some even waiting more than a year for a new delivery!

According to a poll by the Federation of Master Builders, bricks were the material found to be in shortest supply with some firms having to wait a year for delivery. This was due to the increase in raw material prices which has been made worse by the weaker sterling value.

Supply issues have also caused further peaks in prices. In fact, it was found that brick prices were up by around 9% and timber and roof tiles up by 8%. Insulation was also up by 16% too.

This was causing issues for workers though with more than half stating that this was squeezing their margins. 56% added that to make ends meet, they had to pass these costs on to customers.

The FMB’s chief executive described, “The rise in material prices is not just a problem for the country’s construction firms – it is also a problem for home-owners.”

“Half of firms have been forced to pass these price increases onto their clients, meaning building projects are becoming more and more expensive.”

“We are calling on builders merchants to give their customers as much advance warning of forthcoming material price increases or wait times as possible so that firms can warn their customers and plan ahead.”

“We are also advising builders to price jobs and draft contracts with these material price rises in mind.”

“What we don’t want is for the number of building firms making losses on projects to increase as this could result in firms going to the wall.”

“A large number of collapsing construction companies will have a terrible knock-on effect in the wider economy.”

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Source: www.independent.co.uk

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