Here at On The Tools, we see all sorts of pranks. But, one we can’t believe people are still falling for is the penny prank. And this tradesman did exactly that!

The first tradesman shows his workmate how the prank works, pushing the penny to his forehead and hitting the back of his head until it falls off. Offering his mate the coin he states: “gotta do it in three.”

Unsuspecting, the tradesman takes off his hard hat and lets his workmate press the penny to his forehead. Without him knowing though, the penny is removed and the tradesman begins hitting himself in the back of the head… for no reason!

Thinking the penny is still stuck to his head, the tradesman is captured hitting his head repeatedly before claiming “it’s not *bleep* coming off.”

Neverthless, the tradesman continues to try and hit the penny off his head. Eventually though, he gives up and reaches to his forehead, realising the penny is no longer there. To this, a chorous of laughter can be heard from his workmates.

Take a look at the full video here:

Created in a ‘user generated’ style, this video was filmed in conjunction with Direct Line for Business. Racking up over a million views, and thousands of comments and shares, people were tagging their mates and giving it a go on site too. It’s safe to say that more than a few tradespeople were caught out by the penny prank!

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