Plasterer John Flynn has recently become a self published author who has based his book on surprisingly, some plastering work he has completed.

The story was thought up by John and his children. Working for Magnetic Plaster, he was able to construct a magnetic wall for his children. This allows his children to play with all sorts of magnets and toys on the wall.

It was from his kids enjoyment of this that the idea was born of ‘The Magnetix’ family. With the help of his twenty seven year old son who completed the illustrations to go with the story, the book eventually came to life.

The plasterer not only donated his time and work to constructing his children’s magnetic wall though. He also volunteered to complete another wall, for the children attending the local pre-school. The plaster was donated by British Gypsum and provided a practical, and fun way for the children at the pre school to learn and hang up their work. Not only that, but John has also donated a further eight books to the nursery too.

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One of the preschool managers described: “the book rhymes which is something we love and we like to encourage rhyming.”

“We really like the way it all links and the children love hearing it.”

John admits: “I’d always wanted to write a book so turned our family story into a real book and self published it.”

“I always read to the kids so the fact we have this that we have all done as a family feels really good.”

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Photo Credit: Rick Byrne

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