Modern life has become overshadowed by technology. Survival fanatic and plasterer Ray Shaw though has managed to find solace in this world by reverting back to the basics . He has revealed that he takes weekly trips to the forest to “be at one” with nature and live off roadkill.

Unfortunately, it has begun to put a strain on his marriage though. His wife Tina is “not impressed” when she finds animal brains in her fridge. The plasterer states though that that with this he can rustle up a gourmet meal which would be worth £60 in a restaurant.

When out in the forest though, he often dines on venison, pheasant and wood pigeon. He finds these as road kill and then skins and guts them himself, cooking them on a spit. Ray describes that, “you have to be careful and make sure they haven’t been sitting on the side of the road for too long.”
Alongside roadkill, he also survives his adventures by eating nettles, toadstools, worms and even woodlice. Ray describes, “woodlice taste amazing, they are just like shrimp and if you put them in a frying pan they pop like popcorn.”

Despite his wife not sharing his love of nature though, Ray doesn’t mind. He states: “I don’t mind my own company and when you are out in the woods surrounded by nature you are never really alone.”

Not only does he create his own gourmet meals though, he also brews his own coffee too! First he boils acorns to remove the bitterness. The, he chops and grinds the acorns to form a fine paste before roasting them. He then mixes 4tbsps of the powder with boiling water. This creates his very own, caffeine free instant coffee!

Ray describes: “people spend a fortune on coffee from coffee shops but you can make your own from acorns for nothing.”

Idolising survivalists like Ray Mears and Bear Grylls, he wants to encourage more people to start foraging.

“I think everyone should be more involved with nature and what is around us. You can go to Tesco and buy some food but then you don’t get to learn about and appreciate where it has come from.”

So what do you think? Could you forage for your food? Or live off roadkill? Let us know in the comments below.