The construction industry is full of heroes. So many volunteer their time to help those in need. And, this plasterer, Aaron Pearson, does just that.

Volunteering with charity ‘Autism Isolation No More’, Aaron has created some incredible sensory spaces for those in need. Not only that, but he has also gone above and beyond to help the charity. Started 5 years ago, Aaron got involved with the charity creating their first inclusion centre. Located in a shopping centre, there was a lot of work to be done as the shop had been derelict for close to a decade.

But, this didn’t phase Aaron. Instead, he got to work removing all of the shelving, plastering and painting the space. He even laid the carpet and a whole bunch of added extras. Unfortunately though, upon turning on the electrics, a small electrical fire took place and smoked out the rooms. And, to make matters worse, when the electricians were called into safety check the lights, they stole all of the sensory lights and some of the equipment!

Aaron described, “It was a major set back but they carried on trying to make the best of it.”

The place looking completely transformed, there was finally some light for the charity. Unfortunately though, it wasn’t long before they were dealt with another blow. Suddenly, massive stickers advertising the space were slapped onto the windows by management. This caused the windows to crack and the charity had to cancel events due to this. Wanting to make sure everything was safe though, they got the windows replaced on their own insurance.

As if matters couldn’t get worse, the charity was also later told, with no prior warning, the place had been taken over, and they had 5 days to move out. The plasterer added: “I helped by hiring a van and packing up.”

“It was devastating for them.”

“They had invested everything they had into it, and they lost it all.”

“So desperate times called for desperate measures.”

“Not wanting to let the families and children down, we converted our own living room into a sensory space.”

“A full-on sensory experience, we have all the stuff now; bubble tubes, fibre optics, interactive panels, ball pits, and soft play, but that can’t last forever.”

Currently, it has been like this for the past year. But now, the charity has found the perfect piece of land to build an inclusion centre on. It’s currently registered as ‘other community facility.’ However, if not purchased by the charity, it will be sold to a property developer.

Aaron described, “We would love to buy this and build our log cabin, we have 10k worth of building materials ready to go!”

“We just need your support!”

“All we want to do is help families with autism to be included and to help them reach their fullest potential.”

He added, “I believe in this project.”

“I believe in the need for real support for families with autism (an actual place not just a website!)”

“And I am on a mission to build them a rural early intervention inclusion centre for children with special needs specialising in autistic spectrum conditions, complete with a sensory room and family area in a natural setting.”

So what do you think? Could you help this plasterer out? Then head over to the crowdfunding page now. And show your support in the comments below.

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