A recent Facebook plea asking tradesmen for their help in completing a veteran retreat has truly shown the good of the construction industry and has resulted in thousands of tradesmen sharing, commenting and offering their services.

The post was shared by Keith Lawson. He described: “today I drove up to Staffordshire to Lee Rigby House to measure for 27 sets of blinds which I will supply and fit free of charge.”

“It broke my heart to see only 3 people on site struggling to get the place finished.”

Set to be opened in September, Keith wanted to get the Lee Rigby Foundation some extra help. He aimed to get together a few tilers, bathroom fitters, landscapers, decorators and labourers. However, the response he got was more than he could have ever asked for.

Over one hundred and thirty thousand people responded to his post!

The Lee Rigby Foundation. Set up by Lyn and Ian Rigby after they, unfortunately, lost their son, aims to support those suffering from bereavements or loss by offering care, support and advice for bereaved families, Veterans and also the UK Military.

Their website described the purpose behind the foundation.

“The Lee Rigby Foundation is working to provide a place of complete peace and safety, where people can get away from all the pressures of the outside world, de-stress, and begin recovering from bereavement, or trauma, or both.”

“The stresses of bereavement and the consequences of traumatic experiences can be highly acute and profoundly life-changing, and such circumstances apply all too often to Forces’ families, active duty personnel, and Veterans.”

“After the loss of a serving loved-one, the available support is limited by pressures on available resources, and this is perhaps unsurprising, but it leaves many families unsupported in their time of greatest grief and need.”

“Lyn and Ian Rigby and all Lee’s siblings had to cope with Lee’s loss alone, and Lyn is in touch with many other families who have felt similarly isolated at such a difficult time.”

“However, even immediate families who do receive support can find that that their burden is not eased – as the mother of one fallen soldier has said, “Just being able to get away from all the questions and reminders would have been a huge help”.”

They also provide help to veterans who need it. They described: “it is not easy for Veterans to ask for help, as they have had lengthy and intensive training in being self-sufficient, but they are still thinking and feeling human beings, and are far from immune to the consequences of bereavement, stress, and even PTSD.”

“The Lee Rigby Foundation aims to support all people in these circumstances, give them a much-needed break from their troubles, and help them find the inner peace and strength they need to carry on into a positive, bright, and enjoyable future.”

So what do you think of this? Can you help? Or know tradesmen who could?Email admin@leerigbyfoundation.org. Or, head over to the Lee Rigby Foundation page now to show your support.

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

Feature Image Credit: Facebook/Keith Lawson

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