Recently, a plumber has suffered serious burns after his e-cigarette battery exploded within his pocket.

The plumber was out at a restaurant with his wife when the incident took place. Terrence Johnson was talking to his wife and their server outside when flames began to erupt from his pocket. He described: “it was almost as if a flare had gone off in my pocket.”

The explosion was caused when the spare battery for his e-cigarette had came into contact with some loose coins. The heat from this stuck the battery to his jeans. The fire then burnt through his jeans and boxers too.

Terrence then apparently attempted to put out the fire with his hand. However, according to his wife, this just caused burns to his hands too. Doctors feel though that due to the severity of his burns, a skin graft is also likely to be necessary for his thigh.

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This incident has now made the plumber think twice about using e-cigarette’s though. He describes: “the e-cigarette did its job and I was able to quit tobacco cigarettes but this is scary enough that I will not touch another e-cigarette.”

So what do you think of this? Do you know of anyone who uses one of these? Or has something similar happened to you? Let us know in the comments below.


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