The boss of a plumbing firm has recently been found out to have been evading tens of thousands of pounds in tax. Consequently, the plumber has been handed a suspended sentence for his crime.

Living a life of luxury and sending his kids to private school, the forty-year-old plumbing boss lied about his income for the ten years his company, Superb Gas and Plumbing Services, was trading.

A court heard that plumbing boss Shazad Hassan failed to pay more than £65,000 over the ten years. An HMRC investigation also found that the firm had paid no VAT and the dad had paid only £750 in income tax over the ten years between 2004 and 2014.

Instead, he used the extra cash to advertise his business (£45,000) and buy fancy cars which amounted to over £100,000. He also sent his kids to private school too in which the fees amounted to £61,000.

In court, Mr. Hassan pleaded guilty to fraud and was handed a two year suspended sentence. Alongside this, he was also ordered to complete three hundred hours of unpaid work and is restricted with a three-month curfew.

He was also ordered to pay back the HMRC the £65,000 he owed within three months. If not paid, the plumber would then be handed an additional penalty sentence of eighteen months.

The Assistant Director for HMRC’s Fraud Investigation Service stated: “Hassan lived a very comfortable lifestyle while pocketing taxes he owed.”

“He lied about his income deliberately in an attempt to evade paying VAT and other taxes.”

“It is foolhardy to attempt to hide trading and spending on this scale from HMRC and it is unfair in the current commercial climate.”

“Evading tax isn’t a victimless crime.”

“It takes money out of the public services that everyone in the UK relies.”

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