Plumbers have recently been found to be the happiest workers! With builders following closely behind them.

According to new research by Boundless, plumbers are the most chipper out there. In fact, it was found that 55% of them were “very happy with their lives”. No more detail, just that. We sure they’re the happiest workers?

Following them, were the builders with 38% and marketing staff at 36%. Also in the top five happiest professions were lorry drivers at 32%.

In contrast though, those in advertising were found to be the most miserable. In fact, 42% stated that they were unhappy with their lives. Following them were social workers (22%), chefs and police (21%) and sports employees (20%).

In comparison, plumbers are positively chipper with not one respondent working in this profession claiming that they were “unhappy”.

Boundless’ Ian Holmes-Lewis described: “Plumbers are clearly happy people.”

“Perhaps being their own boss plays a part in that, especially as builders and property developers were high on the list as well.”

“But plumbers also ranked highly for quality of sleep and physical activity.”

“On top of that, 64% said they often tried new experiences, which puts them second in that table.”

“It shows it is not only the workplace which determine how happy people are in work.”

“Making the most of life outside of work can have a big impact, too.”

Take a look at our version of a day in the life of a plumber here.

This isn’t the only research to prove how happy some tradespeople are in their work though. In fact, additional studies found that 76% of workers don’t feel that ‘Sunday night dread’. Take a look at the full report on this here.

So what do you think of this? Do you agree? Are you happy in your job? Let us know in the comments below.


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