Your life isn’t just about paperwork. Well it might be, for now.

Powered Now have found a solution for this though. Designed for tradespeople, their new app has a range of features to make your life a lot easier.

This new app provides you with the ability to create important paperwork such as quotes, invoices, estimates and job sheets on site or with a customer. You can then turn a quote into an invoice with no repeat work. It can also send documents via email or text message. Even when you’re offline, the app automatically sends the documents when you regain signal. Customers can then easily sign off the work you’ve done. And if that wasn’t enough, you’ll even be alerted when they documents have been opened!

You can also manage your appointments and diary from the app. All correspondent’s are recorded in an easy to view timeline. You can then search this timeline via name, email or invoice number. Payments can be accepted with the app too along with a tracking function to keep on top of payments.

Not only that, but the app can also help grow your business. Customers already using the app describe that “I can get a quote out before the competition even get a chance.”

Another customer added, “I’m saving about an hour every day, time I can either spend with my family or taking on that extra job.”

Organising your team has never been easier either as that can all be done through the app too! Within the app there is a smart appointments and diary system. This links your diary to customers, projects, invoices and staff. You can then dispatch your closest team member when a new job comes in too. This can be done via the Live Team Tracking function. It allows you to know where everyone should be and where they actually are.

Chatting to the team has never been simpler either as you can talk to everyone via the app. Important information is therefore all in one place, backed up and stored.

Take a look at our sixty second review below and let us know what you think.