Friday. 12:15pm. That can only mean one thing… it’s time for another episode of Quids In!

Our weekly Facebook show, Quids In is all about saving the UK’s tradespeople money. Whether this is through competitions or our top tips segment, the show also includes news, shoutouts and a hero of the week. So, sit back and get ready for another episode, this week sponsored by Birchwood Price Tools and their brands: Scruffs, Defender and Van Vault!

As always, our host Andy Taylor kicked off the show with a bit of news.

News Headlines!

Tradesman surrounded by firefighters in A&E after getting his penis stuck in a spanner!

Well, this gives tightening your nuts a whole new meaning! Very vague about how it got there, the tradesman claimed it “happened by accident.” But, after attempts by the hospital to remove the tool, firefighters had to be called in to cut it away. Ouch!

Next up was: ‘Tradesman sparks homeowner’s horror by using the toilet!

Unbelievably, a homeowner was so disgusted by a tradesman using their toilet, that they took to the internet to rant about it. When you’ve gotta go though, you’ve gotta go! Andy joked: “what do you want him to do, do it in the sink?”

Before Andy could get much further though, the competition claxon sounded and cement mixer lottery began. Here, viewers had the chance to win head to toe Scruffs Workwear gear. This included stuff like their lightweight, steel toe trainers, trade trousers, and jacket. There was even a pair of sunglasses!

With Andy’s handyman Mark turning away at the cement mixer it wasn’t long before we had 100 shares and the competition began… with a number SEVEN!

With the first competition done, Andy then moved on to Question Time. This is the segment in the show where people at home can send in questions that they want answering.

Question Time!

First up was: “Why is my gas engineer partner so slack with DIY in our house?”

To this, Andy responded, “My suggestion is, get another workman in and pay them to get the work done. He isn’t going to do it, let’s face it. And who can blame him!”

Along with some other questions about van security and recommended kneepads, Andy didn’t have time to answer any more questions as the competition claxon sounded once again. And this time, we were giving away a Defender transformer and extension cable. Put together, these prizes were worth more than £150!

All our viewers had to guess was the numbers 1 to 12 in the comments to be in with a chance of winning, this time, via the Wheel of Fortune! Working our way up to 200 shares, Andy gave the wheel a big old spin and it landed on the number… SIX!

Two competitions down, two more to go. But first, it was time for ‘Top Tips!’ This is the part of the show where we try to help tradespeople in the UK keep more money in their pockets.

Top Tips!

Tip 1: Saving money on hotels. do an offer where if you book ten stops with them, they will give you one for free! Perfect for if you work away. Andy advised though if the other half is giving you grief about the fact that you’re always away, use the 10 nights for business. And then use the free night to take her away!

Tip 2: Who likes a decent fry up? Well, Morissons have taken them to a new level and are offering a nineteen item breakfast for just £6! It’s only available until June 24th though, so make sure you’re quick about it. Someone get me to a Morrisons!

With a breakfast that big though, it should fill you right up till dinner, eliminating the need for lunch. And, if you did this, that would mean you could be… QUIDS IN!

At the sound of another claxon though, Andy had to move onto our next competition. A firm favourite of our hosts, it was time for ‘Blindfold Darts’! With more prizes on offer from Defender Light and Power, this time viewers had the chance to win a floor light, a large contractor light, and a spider distribution unit! A fantastic bundle, these prizes were worth more than £200 and would be key for workers who end up working late and in the dark.

With 250 shares it was time for us to head over to Scott at the Blindfold Darts Arena where he was with Mat who managed to land the number… TWO!

Heading straight back to Andy in the studio, it was then time for our shoutout section. This is where we give our audience the chance to feature live on the show by giving them a shoutout. Alongside this, we also honour our hero of the week too.


This week, we saluted Lee Watts who has been campaigning about tougher sentencing for tool theft, launching his own petition. Alongside this, he has also got in touch with hotel chains to try and get them to increase security for those working away. He even organised a demonstration where tradespeople joined him from across the country to show their support and that change needs to come. Read all about Lee’s story here.

Speaking of tool theft though, this led nicely onto our next competition where viewers could be in with a chance of winning a Van Vault! £300 worth of secure storage, tradespeople can bolt it to the back of their van and could end up saving them thousands if their van was ever broken into.

All that was needed now was the spin of the wheel which landed on the number… SIX. Again!

With our final segment done and the competitions all won. That was it for episode 2 of Quids In. All that was left to say now was a massive thank you to our friends at Scruffs, Van Vault and Defender!

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