Lights, camera, action… it’s time for the first ever episode of Quids In!

Sponsored this week by Hitachi Power Tools, we went live on Facebook to give our audience the chance to win heaps of prizes along with some top tips, news headlines and plenty of shoutouts!

Kicking off the show, our presenter (and Commercial Director) Andy Taylor went through the news headlines for this week.

News Headlines!

First up, was ‘Court rules that farting on workers is not workplace bullying…‘ This was after a construction firm was taken to court by one of their employees who complained that his supervisor kept farting on him which caused him both physical and emotional damage.

But, when it went to court, it was found that it was not workplace bullying! So, Andy advised: “carry on farting folks!”

Next up was, Fingerprint drug testing on site!‘ A controversial one, Andy discussed how this new technology would work. But, not to worry, the sparkies will be safe… they haven’t sweated in years!

He was abruptly halted though by the sound of our competition claxon and we launched into our first competition… cement mixer lottery! Thanks to our friends at Hitachi, we were able to give away a Combi Drill as our first prize. As Andy dove into the cement mixer, he pulled out the number… FIVE!

Moving to our next section, Andy launched into Question Time! The part of the show where we have the audience get in touch with their questions and we have a go at answering them.

Question Time!

The first one we had was: “What came first. The hammer or the nail?”

A toughie, there were mixed responses. But, with classic Andy Taylor logic, he stated that it is, of course, the nail! What else would the hammer have been invented for?

Along with some funnier and one serious question though, we moved onto our next competition: the wheel of fortune! Here, our viewers had the opportunity to win another Hitachi Combi Drill just by guessing 1 to 12 in the comments below. Spinning the wheel, the winning number ended up being… NUMBER ONE!

Moving on swiftly with the show though, it was time to help keep money in the pockets of the UK’s tradespeople. Everything is getting more expensive so, with the help of our top tips, we’re hoping that you guys can save some dough.

Top Tips!

Tip 1: Saving money on your work mileage. Don’t forget that if you’re self-employed, you can claim back your mileage in your annual tax return. Being able to claim 45p a mile for the first 10,000 miles, it then goes down to 25p a mile for each 1,000 after that. So, you could end up saving thousands just by travelling from site to site!

Tip 2: Halfords free summer car check. If you take your car (or van) into Halfords, then they’ll take a look at the main things like your battery, bulbs, wipers, oil levels, air conditioning and, they’ll even fill up your screen wash for free! You don’t need to book, just head over to your nearest Halfords and they’ll take a look, all for free!

Speaking of saving money though, it was now time for another competition. This time, thanks to our friends at Hitachi we were giving away a drill and impact driver set with the all-important bit box along with it. Mixing things up a bit though, we journeyed over to Scott and the ‘Blindfold Darts Arena!’

Here, our man Mark was completely blindfolded and had to throw a dart at the board. And, amazingly, he managed to get it in first time, landing on the number 7!

With our competitions, news and tips, we also have a shoutout section of Quids In where we get the audience involved and give them a shoutout live on the show.


Alongside this, we also honour our hero of the week. We know there are hundreds, if not thousands of heroes in the industry. So, we salute one of them every single week on our show for the work they do.

This week, we spoke about a bricklayer named Chris Carberry. At just 19 years old, he was working on site when he fell off a curb and broke his leg. Unfortunately, it was while getting treatment that it was found that Chris had bone cancer. To combat this, he had his leg amputated, hoping this would keep the cancer at bay.

Losing a leg didn’t stop Chris though. Instead, he launched into giving back, raising money and taking part in a variety of fundraising activities. Not only that, but he was also made an ambassador of a charity with his support to others going through similar situations.

Unfortunately, this was not the end of the cancer for Chris though. Instead, it came back, spreading to different parts of his body. If you’d like to read more about Chris’ story and would like to donate to help get him the treatment he needs, then click here.

The great thing about the industry though is that while we can do the fun stuff like the competitions. The sense of community is incredible, banding together to help those in need.

So, moving onto our last and final competition, the sound of the claxon marked our last giveaway of the fantastic gear from Hitachi tools. Time for another round of ‘Wheel of Fortune’… and it landed on number one!

And that’s it for our first ever episode of Quids In! A massive thanks to our friends at Hitachi who sponsored the show.

Check it out in full below:

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