It’s Friday and time for another episode of Quids In! This week, we were with Recoil Kneepads for another epic show. As always, we were giving our audience the chance to win thousands of pounds worth of prizes including:
– Recoil Kneepads & T-Shirt.
– Amazon Fire 7 Tablet, TRTL Travel Pillow and Recoil T-Shirt and Kneepads.
– Bosch Laser Level and Recoil Kneepads.
– Recoil Kneepads, T-Shirt and Amazon Echo Dot.

Alongside this, we also had some news, top tips and shoutouts! So let’s get on with the show…

News Headlines!

‘Construction deaths up by 27%!’

The UK construction industry has been revealed as the most health and safety conscious in Europe. But, despite this, the dangers are still out there for our workers. Health & safety is a hot topic in the industry and, unfortunately, the deaths in construction have gone up by 27% in the past year.

The top reason behind this was falling from heights. This is followed by being struck by a moving vehicle and thirdly, being hit by a moving object. So, make sure you’re staying safe out their guys and watch each other’s backs on site.

‘Van drivers urged to check their van weight!’

Van drivers have recently been urged to double check the weight of their vans after research has found that many young workers have been invalidating their insurance!

On a standard license, a driver is only permitted to drive a vehicle weighing less than 3,500kg when fully loaded.
What has been found though is that some are presuming that because their van on its own weighs less than that, they don’t need to worry. But, actually, they need to be factoring in things such as materials, added loads and the passengers in the vehicle too.

So make sure you’re checking your weight guys because if you were ever to be in a crash, the fact that you drove a vehicle too heavy would actually invalidate your insurance, so get checking!

Before we could discuss things anymore about this though, the competition claxon sounded for cement mixer lottery. This time, our audience had the chance to win some Recoil Kneepads and a T-Shirt worth £85! To show the toughness of these kneepads too, our man from Recoil, Paul, was ready to drop down into a bed of a broken tiles, nails and broken glass!

And, to be in with a chance of winning them, all our audience had to do was pick the correct number which was… THREE! With our first winner chosen though, it was now time for the second part of the show, caption this…

Caption This!

The aim of the game here is for our audience to simply caption the image they see on the screen. Easy! Plus, if they come up with a belter of a caption, they could even win an OTT hoodie!

This week, the image showed a tradesman asleep in the sun. To this, Andy came back with the caption ‘must be on day rate’. Another good one, he’s on a roll!

But, before he could come up with anymore though, and let’s be honest, they’d probably be worse, the competition claxon sounded for our second competition. It was wheel of fortune time and thanks to Recoil Kneepads, our audience had the chance to win an Amazon Fire 7 Tablet, TRTL Travel Pillow, Kneepads and Recoil T-Shirt worth £170!

To be in with a chance of winning it all, all they had to do was guess the number… ONE! Simple!

Two competitions down and two more to go, this officially marked the halfway part of the show. But what’s next I hear you ask? Well, it was time for top tips.

Top Tips!

Tip 1: 5% cash back on Xmas shopping. Yes, I know, it’s too early to be talking about Christmas, we haven’t even had Halloween yet but this could actually help with the expenses that come along with Christmas. With an Amex Platinum Everyday credit card you are able to get 5% cash back in your first 3 months of having the card, so you could get yourself some extra money back on simply buying your Christmas presents.

As always, there are a few catches such as a cap on how much yet get back and you have to wait a year
but if you do some more research into it, you could get a nice added bonus back on your presents… and be QUIDS IN!

Tip 2: Next 50% sale rumour. There is a rumour that the Next 50% off sale is coming back this weekend with people claiming that they have already received their VIP invites to it. While there’s no official confirmation yet, the sale is expected to start at 7am on Saturday and some stores are already advertising that they’re opening at that time.

Not only that, but sale prices are also starting to be handwritten (in code obviously) on tags in the store.
So, keep an eye out on your nearest Next and you could bag yourself up to a 50% bargain!

Speaking of saving money, it was time for another competition where our audience could win something for free. Andy’s favourite part of the show, it was time to head over to Scott who was with Recoil Kneepads’ Paul for a game of ‘On Your Knees Son’. The aim of the game here was to guess which one of the numbered apples Paul would bob out. And the answer was… SIX!

And, thanks to our friends at Recoil, we were able to give away a Bosch Laser Level and some Recoil Kneepads worth a total of £190!

Three competitions won, and with just one more to go, it was now time for the next part of our show… shoutouts!


This is where our audience has the chance to get involved live on air and bag themselves a shoutout. Not only that, but we also honour our hero of the week too. Here, we talk about a tradesperson who has gone above and beyond in the industry.

This week, we did something a little bit different though and gave our audience the chance to be a hero by helping out electrician Alex Hawks. He has suffered two severe heart attacks and has beaten the odds by surviving these as they only have a 5% survival rate. Unfortunately though, following this, his heart is now only functioning at 20% so he is unable to work.

Living in the US as well, Alex has been denied disability and is currently living off money his friends and family can lend him. Plus, not only has he got his living expenses to pay for, but he’s also got a whopping $50,000 to pay back in medical bills as well! So, if you think you can be a hero and help this guy out click here.

But, before Andy could talk about things any further, the competition claxon sounded again and it was time for our final competition… mug shot!

Now, the aim of the game here is that our man Jamie tries to throw as many of his 12 tea bags into the oversized mug hoop as possible. And, all our audience has to do to be in with a chance of winning, is try and guess how many he lands!

What becomes very apparent very quickly though is that the audience should aim low on their guesses. He really isn’t very good at it! And, after many failed attempts, he managed to get just three. Luckily though, our audience didn’t have much faith in him either and went with low ball guesses with one lucky person winning themselves some Recoil Kneepads, a T-Shirt and Amazon Echo Dot.

And that was it, the end of our show. All that was left to say now was a massive thank you to everyone who took part and our sponsors Recoil Kneepads for all of the fantastic prizes today!

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