It’s time for another dose of fun, facts and freebies with this week’s episode of Quids In!

With our fantastic host Andy Taylor, we were sponsored by the brilliant Armstead Trade. And, thanks to them, we were giving away more than £1,500 worth of prizes! So get ready for an ’emulsional’ show.

First up though, it was time for the news headlines!

News Headlines!

This week, we kicked the show off with ‘Builder teaches mom a lesson after overhearing her rude comments about construction!

Yep, this builder was out shopping when a mother saw him after a day’s graft, a bit dirty with tattoos, and said to her daughter, “this is why you stay in school.” Unbelievable! Instead of just letting it go though, the builder went over to let the mom and her daughter know that he actually held a university degree and chose to work in construction. He earnt good money and honestly, it was none of her business! You tell her!

Andy added: “don’t judge a book by its cover folks!”

“Good on you mate!”

He then moved onto our next news headline: ‘Almost a quarter of construction workers imagine killing their boss!

Yep! Watch out, bosses! A poll of 2,000 workers found that quite a few imagined killing their bosses. And, making the top of the list, was construction workers! Apparently, this was because they had the worst relationships with their bosses compared to other professions. And, their biggest gripe was that they didn’t think their boss was fit for purpose.

In fact, 73% felt they could do a better job than their boss! And, not only was this annoying for workers, but this was also found to impact many workers mental health with 48% losing sleep due to stress at work.

Andy added, “Now, a couple of weeks ago, we had a Mates In Mind special so if you’re stressed out about work, please check out Mates In Mind.”

“Don’t let this affect you.”

“But, there’s no crime in imagining killing your boss is there?”

Anyway… Luckily the claxon sounded at this point at it was time for our first competition, cement mixer lottery!

Thanks to our friends at Armstead Trade, we were able to give away a Graco Ultra Airless Handheld Spray Gun worth over £400! Not only that, but Armstead products also provide reliable opacity and coverage too so you can get the job done first time and move onto the next one and earn yourself some more dosh. Bonus!

Plus, all our viewers had to do to be in with a chance of winning the spray gun was guess a number between 1 and 20. And, this week, our winning number was… nine!

One competition down, it was now time to move onto our next part of the show, question time…

Question Time!

This is the segment in the show where people at home can send in the questions that they want answering by Andy in the studio. And, first up this week we had the question: ‘how can you improve van security?’

A great question, Andy responded, “van security is a hot topic within the industry and we looked at a couple of ways to improve it.”

“For £40, so not much at all, you can get what’s called a ‘stop lock’ which fits to the back of your current van doors and basically forms a firmer locking mechanism on your doors.”

“And, put’s people off getting in.”

“Also, you could get a van vault.”

“So, the van vault is a secure steel box.”

“There are a few brands available, but we call it a van vault, that can go in the back of a van, bolted to the floor and is a double layer of protection then.”

“They start from about £120 but let’s face it, your tools are worth far much more than £120.”

Great advice Andy!

With a few more questions in from our audience, it wasn’t long before it was time for our second competition, wheel of fortune!

This time, we were giving away another Graco Ultra Airless Handheld Spray Gun thanks to our friends at Armstead. In fact, did you know that they have a comprehensive range of products from indoors, outdoors, commercial, domestic, they’ve got it all covered at Armstead!

And, all our audience had to do to win this prize, worth over £400, was guess a number between 1 and 12. Easy! And this week’s lucky number was… FOUR!

With competition two won, this officially marked the halfway stage of our show. But what’s next? Well, it’s time to save people some money with our top tips!

Top Tips!

This is the part of the show where we try to help tradespeople in the UK keep more money in their pockets. At the end of the day, everything is getting more expensive, so you can’t go wrong with saving money where you can. Our first tip this week was…

Tip 1: Energy price hikes. Andy explained that what the bad boys at the utility companies do is when the weather is warm and we don’t need the heating on, they put the price up. In the summer, we don’t notice it. But, we certainly feel the sting later on in the year when the temperature plummets. So, what we’ve looked into is how you can save some money. If you head over to Money Saving Expert’s cheap energy club, they can find the best deal for you, for free! And we all know what that means, you’ll be… QUIDS IN!

Tip 2: A world cup special! Showcase Cinemas are offering free screenings of world cup games at selected screens up and down the country. For free! So if you prefer to watch the match with popcorn all over you rather than a pint, then get yourself down to a Showcase cinema! Plus, as it’s free, you’ll be… QUIDS IN!

Tip 3: Best beer deals! Linking nicely in with the football, our third tip was about the best beer deals you can get at the minute to sit back and enjoy the football with. So, we did the hard work for you and scoured around and found the top deals under a tenner. You ready?

Asda, £9 for ten cans of Amstel.
You can get twelve cans of Carlsberg for £8 at Morrisons.
Sainsbury’s, £10 for twelve bottles of Heineken.
And finally, Tesco are selling twelve bottles of Stella for £9.

Other brands, of course, are available but as we always say here at On The Tools, please drink responsibly.

With the top tips now done, it was time for our third competition, blindfold darts!

Joining Scott in the Blindfold Darts Arena this week was Mark. After mocking his shoes, classic, Scott positioned Mark towards the dartboard and surprisingly, he managed to land the dart first time! That barely ever happens! And, this time, it landed on the number… 14!

With competition three now won, there was only one chance to win left. But first, it was time for shoutouts!


This is the part of the show where our audience can get involved with a shoutout live on air. Alongside this, we also honour our hero of the week too. This is where we salute a member of the industry who has gone above and beyond and done some incredible work. And, that’s exactly what Oliver Withington has done. In fact, he has been campaigning tirelessly for more to be done about tool theft after his stepdad had his tools stolen.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only bit of bad luck his stepdad had either. After having £5,000 worth of his tools stolen he was then, later that year, diagnosed with incurable cancer. He continued to graft through it all though until unfortunately, a few months later and after replacing his tools, he fell victim to thieves again.

So, Oliver did everything he could to help his stepdad. He set up a JustGiving page and campaigned for more to be done. If you’d like to read more about his story or would like to donate please click here.

With our hero of the week saluted, it was now time for our final competition: another round of wheel of fortune! And, once again, thanks to our friends at Armstead Trade, we were able to give away another Graco Ultra Airless Handheld Spray Gun! In fact, did you know that Armstead offers more than 3,000 shades of paint? Yep! And they have simple to use colour tools to show customers as well. So, that means they can make their decision easier and you can get the job done!

In fact, winning the spray gun was almost as simple as a customer making their decision using the Armstead colour tools. In fact, all they had to do was guess the number… FIVE!

And that was it for our live show, our final competition was won. All that was left to say now was a massive thank you to Armstead for sponsoring the show and providing us with some amazing prizes! Don’t worry if you didn’t win though, check out how you can get the job done with Armstead here.

But wait! Hang on. Did Andy mention another chance to win? That’s right, our audience had the chance to win an OTT bundle after the live show had ended. All they had to do was guess how many cable clips were in the jar. Bonus!

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