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With an ever increasing number of vehicles driving around the UK, the quality of our road network constantly needs to be maintained and improved. Add to that the damage caused by ‘extreme and treacherous’ weather the headlines say is coming our way, equals a vast amount of work. We all know how we get when the work isn’t carried out, moaning about tyre damage due to pot holes, potential crashes due to unclear road markings. Yet then when the work is carried out, peoples frustration really kicks in; blocked lanes, closed roads, traffic queues. What a nuisance!

However, do we ever consider the risks faced by the people that get out on our roads in all conditions, working to make these improvements? Never mind the high level of emissions they’re exposed too from close proximity vehicles or from the equipment they have to work with, the real danger is us – The people driving on the roads. Overall, eight workers died and 317 were injured while working on or near motorways and major A roads in the five years between 2009 and 2013.

Footage released by the Highways agency showing road workers narrowly escaping serious injury or death, highlights the dangerous conditions they work in.

This CCTV footage shows a lorry driver ignoring the red X signs above, endangering the safety of road workers nearby. Luckily the driver misses any road workers but does come close, crashing into some cones.


This footage on the M6 near Birmingham, is from a camera mounted to a traffic officer vehicle. It shows a driver of a lorry failing to pay attention to closed lane of motorway. The lorry narrowly misses the traffic officer vehicle as well as the traffic officers and passengers nearby.


The Highways Agency’s advice for driving safely at roadworks is simple:

– Keep within the speed limit – it is there for your safety
– Get into the correct lane in good time – don’t keep switching
– Concentrate on the road ahead, not the roadworks
– Be alert for works traffic leaving or entering roadworks
– Keep a safe distance – there could be queues in front
– Observe all signs – they are there to help you

Respect our road workers.


H/T: Gov.UK