Yep, you heard it right. 84% of those aged eighteen to twenty-four have revealed that they don’t know how to change a lightbulb. And it doesn’t stop there either…

Alongside this, 74% also stated that they wouldn’t be able to confidently build flat pack furniture either and instead they would pay someone else to do it. Why? Because they believed they would “muck it up” if they did it. Not only that, but 79% added they wouldn’t ever attempt to paint a shed either.

According to the online poll, a further 73% had no clue how to put up a curtain pole either. Oh, and don’t forget putting up shelves, 67% stated they lacked the skill to do this too.

But why is it that so many young people don’t know how to do basic DIY? Well, the experts believe that it’s because they live with their parents longer. And, consequently, don’t need to learn how to do many household tasks.

Not only that, but the research also found that younger people are “time poor” too. Whether this is due to studying or work, there wasn’t enough time for these kinds of tasks. Instead, they would rather fork out, on average, £83.79 to bring a tradesperson in to help.

Bonus for you lot I suppose!

An Airtasker spokesperson, the company who ran the poll, concluded: “While the older generation were largely content with traditional routine of work, home, marriage, children and retirement, the younger generation have different plans.”

“And these plans do not involve bleeding a radiator.”

But what do you think? Do you end up being called out for many smaller tasks? Ever been called out to change a lightbulb? Let us know in the comments below!


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