According to recent reports, plumbers are the only trade that would survive a takeover by artificial intelligence!

Speaking in an exclusive video with the Daily Star, a top robot expert warned that robots could soon dominate workforces. And, that only a small, limited amount of jobs would be safe.

The robot expert in question, Martin Ford has been pleading for years for people to rethink their approach to technology. In fact, in previous reports, he has revealed that one day, humans could even be working for robots!

Speaking now, Mr Ford stated that only a select few jobs would be safe from a ‘robot takeover’. Initially, he described that robots would begin by displacing labourers who have repetitive jobs. However, he warned that the ‘takeover’ may not stop there!

With robots constantly evolving, he stated that there has already been evidence of artificial intelligence beginning to develop things such as intuition. He added: “it really could be a lot of jobs down the line.”

However, Mr Ford described that some jobs are safer than others. Alongside nurses, who offer empathy to their patients, the robot expert described that “another area that is safe for people is the kind of job that requires lots of dexterity, hand-eye coordination and flexibility.”

“Think about skilled trade jobs like a plumber or electrician.”

Despite plumbers and electricians seemingly ‘safe’ though. Integrations of robot technology have already begun with the construction industry. There have even been warnings of major job losses due to bricklaying robots! Take a look at the full report here.

With alternative research even finding that construction workers are ‘inefficient’, it is unsurprising that the introduction of artificial intelligence is being considered. Take a look at the full report here.

Mr Ford concluded: “If you go far enough into the future, really, there’s nothing that you can say is completely safe from technology.”

Take a look at the Daily Star’s full report and their exclusive interview with Martin Ford here.

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