Apparently, British tradesmen are favouring a session down the gym rather than a pint in the pub. This is according to a survey that found that more than two-thirds of workers rarely go down the pub. And on top of that, 10% never do!

Apparently, a small 17% of workers actually go to the pub on a weekly basis. However, a third of workers regularly ditch the pub and go down the gym instead, working up a sweat.

This study was conducted by IronmongeryDirect which found that half of tradespeople watch their weight. A variety of construction workers were also found to be on diets too, and 5% felt that they live a healthy lifestyle.

On average, most workers felt that they lived a normal lifestyle. And only a minor 10% felt they were unhealthy. Another study conducted by Trade Direct Insurance found that actually, three-quarters of tradesmen think that going to the gym and exercising is important. And only 24% of tradespeople don’t exercise at all.

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On average, most of the workers surveyed though stated that they aim to complete two hours a week of exercise. Whereas, 21% of tradesmen even attempt four hours a week of exercise!

A spokesperson for IronmongeryDirect stated: “while the results of the survey may be quite surprising to some, it goes to show how tradesmen take their jobs seriously.”

“Working in a trade can be rather labour intensive, so it’s important that tradespeople are relatively fit and healthy.”

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