New laws are set to be issued in the coming months that could see drives facing hefty fines and penalties. And, for those out on the road a lot, travelling from site to site, it could prove useful to be aware of how these new laws could impact you.

One of the laws put into place with the introduction of smart motorways was that the fourth lane could be closed or opened at any given time. However, Highway England is concerned that drivers are ignoring the gantry signs that display a large red X signalling that the road is closed. Instead, they are continuing to drive on, ignoring the signs.

To combat this, the government sets to modify existing cameras at the side of the road. Already, the cameras are set up to catch any speeding drivers and monitor the conditions of traffic. Now, they are also trialling using these cameras to monitor people driving in closed lanes. This will help automatically catch drivers breaking the law.

Of course, driving in a closed lane on the motorway is already illegal. But, it has been found that drivers are regularly ignoring, or perhaps not noticing that the lane is closed. Already 80,000 letters have been sent out. A third of which were to drivers in relation to driving in a closed lane.

So what penalties could you face if you break these laws? Well, it is expected that the government will introduce a fine of a fixed value of £100. Alongside this, there will also be a three point penalty too. However, driving in a closed lane can be classed as driving without due care. So, this fine could soon amount up to much more. Even up to £2,500 if the incident is serious enough!

Officially, there is no definite date when these new laws will be rolled out. However, it is believed that this penalty will be introduced by the spring of 2018. Some even believe that it could be as early as next month!

With van drivers also set to pay the price with insurance too, no one wants to find that they’ve been handed an expensive fine! Especially with insurance prices being hiked by 29.5%. Take a look at the full report here. With insurance on the rise too, it could be essential for van drivers to know which roads to avoid. Take a look at Britain’s most dangerous roads here.

Roads already with the cameras in place are:
– M1
– M4
– M5
– M6
– M42

Further expected areas to have smart motorways are:
– A1
– M3
– M8
– M20
– M23
– M74

So what do you think of this? Do you know someone who could do with knowing this? Let them know in the comments below.


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