Watch out road workers, Domino’s are coming for you!

The pizza place has launched a new initiative to help with the pothole epidemic. Currently taking place in the US, Domino’s have claimed that all of these holes and cracks in the roads are posing a risk to their pizza.

Therefore, to ensure they arrive in one piece, they’re going out and fixing the roads! And that’s not all, via the website customers can actually nominate their towns for the service. Pizza and potholes fixed at the same time… bonus!

All they need to do to nominate their town is enter their postcode on the Paving for Pizza website. Then, if the town is selected, the customer will be notified. Following that, Domino’s will send funds to the city so that “pizzas make it home safely”.

But Domino’s aren’t the only ones trying to fix the roads. In fact, pothole robots are set to be tested right here in the UK!

The drone mounted devices will operate through the night scanning roads for small cracks. Then, they will be able to 3D print asphalt, fixing the road damage.

These guys will be trialed over the next few years as part of the “self-repairing cities” initiative. Working at night, university experts developing the product feel that this will be a good method that minimises the disruption of traffic.

Currently, they are halfway through a five year plan. The end point being that the robots will be tested on the streets of Leeds. UCL professor Mark Miodownik described: “Our idea is that when these small cracks happen we want to be able to see them – a drone flying around the road network would see them – and another drone would land and repair them.”

“You do it at night and we can do it in about a minute.”

“You stop over the crack, you repair the crack and it’s done.”

“For motorways it is a different problem but for roads in Cheltenham and bigger cities, I think night-time autonomous vehicles would have almost no impact on traffic.”

“This is going to be a big future for us all.”

“What is immediately possible now for ‘self-repairing cities’ is an exciting prospect in all of our lives.”

“There are all sorts of ethical and moral issues in putting robots in a city environment.”

“Unless the public and policy-makers are involved right at the beginning of this technology, which is now, the chances of it advancing to the point where they feel excluded or we can see a future that no-one really wants is high.”

So what do you lot think of these then? Are they good ideas? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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