The possibility of robots on site has long been spoken about in construction. With drones being used for surveying, and exoskeletons developed to help workers, robots and artificial intelligence are fast becoming norms on site.

The newest piece of tech to be discussed though is the use of robots to detect issues in construction work. In the past, the industry has come under fire for putting quantity over quality. Especially when it comes to new build homes!

In fact, studies have found that a whopping 98% of homeowners have reported issues with their new build homes. And, it doesn’t stop there either, a quarter also revealed that they had over sixteen different issues! Take a look at the full results here.

Not only that, but there has also been reports that faulty new build homes have ended up putting children in hospital too! In fact, one young girl ended up in A&E getting stitches after the radiator in her home suddenly fell off the wall. Read more about this here.

So, with the industry being hounded over the importance of quality, one company has developed a robot to help aid this. Doxel, based in California, have developed a robot to help identify faults in a home.

Using HD photos and LIDAR scans, the artificial intelligence analyses important data from the project. Surveying sites every day, the artificial intelligence then monitors how things are progressing. From this, it can track what is being installed, and whether this is right in relation to the plans.

But how does it do this?

Well, first up, either a drone is flown over the site or a rover is sent into the site itself. From this, HD pictures are captured and 3D scans are conducted of the entire site. Following that, the data is then processed by the artificial intelligence.

Then, using Doxel’s deep learning technology, the artificial intelligence begins it’s analysis. Within this, it is looking for quality, scheduling and budget. Comparing the images gathered to the building information model of the project, the robot is then able to find any mistakes.

The CEO of the company described: “Doxel is basically an AI software solution to increase productivity in construction.”

“Using autonomous robots and AI, we monitor every inch of a project, inspecting quality and measuring progress in real time.”

“So, project managers can react in minutes, and not in months.”

Check them out here:

So what do you think of this? Could robots help on site? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: www.scottishconstructionnow.com
Image/Video Credit: Doxel, www.youtube.com/user/spectrummag

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