A roofer has recently been called sexist after posting a job advert online. Within this, he stated that he was seeking ‘a young lad’ because ‘women can’t do it’.

Posting the advert on Twitter, roofer Stuart Napper was looking for someone to help out on a roofing job in the Stanstead area. So, with some very specific requirements, he headed over to his social media to advertise the job.

He tweeted: “Looking for a young lad who wants a job. Roofing. In the Stansted area.”

“Driving licence be good but not essential.”

“No lazy little sh*ts who want £100 a day and sit on their phones.”

“Must have good personal hygiene and no lip. Retweets appreciated”

To this, the roofer received responses like, “Have you heard of gender equality? Maybe a young lass could be considered?”

And, “Yes there probably are more men that have the physical attributes for this role, but why dismiss women out of hand?”

However, others were not as offended by the job advert. Instead, one user commented: “I know loads of strong women and not one of them is strong enough to do this kind of job with any efficiency! (or would want to).”

“It’s not about equal rights it’s about having the best person for the job.”

“What is so hard to grasp about this? Feminist twaddle.”

Another added, “You’re trying to employ someone and look at the sh*t you’ve gotta put up with.”

“This is why I’d rather struggle and fit kitchens alone.”

A third user even pointed out that it took him just 15 seconds to find a selection of job adverts specifically tailored to women.

Despite all of the backlash though, the roofer stated he stood by the advert. He described: “Yes will only consider males.”

“Unless the woman is a world-class bodybuilder she won’t be able to lift half the stuff. Not sexist just fact.”

“I got four daughters so I’m all about equal rights etc but sometimes women can’t do it.”

Instead, he added that if anyone knew a woman who could carry 60kg not only up a ladder, but also across the roof too, then he would “happily employ them”.

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Source: www.mirror.co.uk

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