Recently, a Darlington based roofing company has faced thousands of pounds worth of fines after one of its workers fell from a height, fracturing his back.

The incident initially occurred back in April 2015. Whilst working on a site in Morpeth, roofer Stephen Merryweather was fitting plywood boards over the roofs existing wood slabs when the incident occurred.  Positioning the second board with another colleague, the roofer fell 4m down to the floor below. Hitting pipes on the way down, Mr Merryweather collided with several pieces of the internal pipework.

Following an investigation by the Health and Safety Executive, it was found that the fragility of the roof should have been identified. Then, work should have been planned around this risk in order to ensure workers were not injured. Also, measures needed to be put in place to prevent workers from falling.

Andrea Robbins, an inspector for HSE stated: “This injury was easily prevented and the risk should have been identified.”

Consequently, Dufell Roofing Company Limited was recently fined £25,000 for breaching safety regulations. They were also ordered to pay an additional £24,572.84 in costs and a £120 victim surcharge.

These kinds of falls from heights are unfortunately not as rare as would be liked. Instead, 45% of on-site fatal injuries are due to falling from a height. Take a look at the full report here.

This could be causing a shortage in roofers too with 63% of trainee roofers were afraid of falling from a height. Take a look the survey here.

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