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A twenty five year old roofer has recently been charged with a six month suspended sentence after being pictured balancing almost ninety feet in the air.

David Mulholland was working in the city centre of Manchester hammering steel beams into position for a newly opened hotel. He was photographed by by ‘horrified’ office workers, located nearby. After snapping the shot, they immediately contacted the Health and Safety executive regarding the matter.

According to the courts investigating the matter, the roofer “didn’t realise how stupid he was being until he saw the picture.”

According to Mulholland, he was working dangerously because the project was three weeks behind. Therefore, instead of requesting for the on site scaffolder to make the area safe, he went on to complete the work anyway to try and get things done quicker.

The roofer was eventually sentenced though for six months and suspended for eighteen. Not only that, but he was also fined £1,400 and had to pay costs of £2,939.18. There was also an added victim surcharge of £85.

The judge ruled that what Mulholland was doing was “breathtakingly stupid.”

“The only person who was really put at risk in this case was you.”

The HSE officer described: “never before in my career as an HSE inspector have I seen such a staggering disregard for personal safety.”

“It is a matter of pure luck that no one was injured or killed.”

So what do you think? Have you ever disregarded the health and safety rules? Let us know in the comments below.


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