Recently, a British roofer had his van blown up by French police after they suspected that it was part of a potential terror attack!

The incident took place when roofer Louis Cole took his girlfriend on a romantic break to the city. Driving there from their hometown in Kent, the couple struggled to find a place to park up the van. In the end, they parked outside of a church and went sightseeing around the city.

However, when they returned, the van was gone! Louis described: “we drove to Paris on the Friday and the car parks were all so expensive as the van is quite tall.”

“We found the spot outside the church and parked up there thinking it would be all right.”

“When we came back, the van was gone, and we initially believed it had just been towed away.”

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What Louis soon found out though was that worried locals had called the authorities about a potential terror threat. Anti-terror police then rushed to the scene and carried out a controlled explosion of the van.

A huge hole was blown in the roof and the windows smashed before the van was finally removed. Louis stated: “when we arrived at the compound to pick it up, we were told what had happened and couldn’t believe it.”

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“There is a mass at the church on the Sunday and people had reported it as looking suspicious.”

“When police arrived, they found a passport in the driver’s door which apparently made them more suspicious and they believed it was a terror threat.”

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