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One unexpecting bystander recently captured the moment that strong winds brought down scaffolding that spanned 35 storey’s high!

The incident took place in Tehran, the capital of Iran where winds were reported at up to seventy-two miles per hour. The video captures these winds destroying the structure as it tumbles down from the multi-storey building.

Tubes start to fall down to the streets below too with the boards soon following, making their way to the ground. Initially, the footage shows that before the main collapse, the scaffolding appears to move away from the building in an upward motion before collapsing to the ground.

Luckily for those working on site though, extreme weather warnings were issued prior to the collapse. And therefore,  they were warned of the possibility of the dangers that the weather could cause.

Take a look at shocking footage here:

Construction workers safety on site though is under question by many. Workers have even reported that they have had floors collapse from underneath them! One worker was unbelievably left to work on an unsafe floor by his company which resulted in him falling 2.4 metres and breaking bones. Read all about his story here.

However, despite this, according to recent reports,  the number of health and safety officers is to be cut by 25%! This has also led to a warning being issued about the safety and security of our workers on site.

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Source: scaffmag.com
Feature Image/Video Credit: Youtube/WOWZA

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